Automatic Horizontal Packing Machine

Product Details

Automatic Horizontal Packing Machine

The HFT-180 and HFT-130 machine are for packing powder, granule, liquid and mixed material.  The HFT-110 is for packing food, medicine, pesticide and daily chemical products. They use PLC control system and independent bag-making, feeding and sealing system, so they can pack different products with corresponding bags. Also the touch screen and imported photoelectric sensor, encoder, these advanced technological parts make the machine automatically and stably.




Bag Width

60-140 mm

50—110 mm

Roll Film Diameter

400 mm

400 mm

Max Packing Volume

160 ml

60 ml

Product Height

70—180 mm

50—130 mm

Packing Speed

60—100 bags/min

40—80 bags/min

Air Consumption

0.6 m^3/ min

Machine Size( LxWxH) mm

2500 x 940 x 1370

800 x 950 x 2200

Machine Weight

750 kg

520 kg

Power Supply

380V, 3.5KW

220V, 2KW