Food packaging innovations inspired the masses buy

In terms of packaging materials now have paper, bamboo, metal, ceramic, plastic, rubber, natural fibers, synthetic fibers, glass products, such as, and, recently, there are several new packaging material is research and innovation.

Germany scientists use medical technology successfully developed antibacterial plastic food packaging, beverage packaging the packaging for milk and other liquids. Using coating technology in plastic wrap on it a layer of antimicrobial material, instead of added preservatives in food. This coating with composite resin based materials and special techniques.

Recently, the Singapore National University researchers using Grapefruit seed extract reinforces natural Chitosan composite membrane, successfully developed an environmental protection type food packing material that contains no chemical additives. This new type of food packaging materials can slow the growth of fungi and prolong the shelf life of perishable food products such as bread 1 time.

Sweden IKEA (Ikea) recently revealed plans to use a mushroom-raw materials made of environment-friendly packaging materials, to replace the existing extensive use of plastic packaging. This new packaging materials more easily degradable, whose main ingredients are rich in fiber and mycelium (mycelium).

Packaging innovation, more in line with the pursuit of environmental protection, food safety, social, naturally, is more environmentally friendly and more fresh-keeping packaging material will be popular in the market, you can get more consumer attention.