Structure Characteristics Of Pillow Type Packing Machine

Select pillow type packaging machine for the better, we at the time of purchase, you need to understand the structural characteristics of related machinery and equipment, which used to be of maximum assistance to us, we can choose the most suitable machinery and equipment use, here is a pillow-style packing machine structure analysis, I hope to help you.

1, by the double transducer control, bag length cutting without regulation, in one step, saving time and saving films.

2, text user interface, convenient and quick parameter setting.

3, fault self-diagnosis function makes clear failure display.

4, high sensitivity optical electric color mark tracking, makes the sealing and cutting more accurate.

5, temperature independent PID control, would better suit a variety of materials to films.

6, positioned stop function, no sticking to the knife, without membrane.

7, simple and more reliable transmission system, makes the maintenance more convenient.

8, all controlled by software, for function adjusting and technical upgrading is very convenient.